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Step 1

Register and fill out necessary information to start your online profile in search of a potential candidate. An initial setup fee is charged upon confirmation of egistration, we would like our clients to confirm our terms and conditions prior to commencing the referral service.

貴店の概要および求人内容を求人申込みフォームにご記入の上, e-mailに添付もしくはFaxにて当社にお送り下さい。当社への登録者の中から、求人内容に合うご経歴を持つシェフを人選します。
尚、候補者の人選は、貴店と当社との間において、サービス料金等の契約が完了後、開始いたします。 サービス料金は成功報酬(契約ベース)であり、当社から紹介した方の採用が決定した場合にご紹介サービス料をご請求させて頂きます。


Step 2

Chef Search
From our extensive database of candidates, we will select the best matches for your recruiting needs. Once agency has found a potential candidate and upon confirmation of the candidate’s interest for your position, we will send you their resume by email/fax.



Step 3

Candidate’s resume is reviewed by your company/restaurant. We will coordinate arranging interviews for qualified candidates.
Please let us know if you wish to arrange test cooking during the interviews.




Step 4

Interview Results
Please let us know about the interview results; we will follow up with successful as well as unsuccessful candidates. If you are interested in the candidate we are able to start the final contract for employment.




Step 5

Final Contract
Once both parties have agreed on employment, should there be any difference in restaurants offer and your requirement for employment, we will conduct on your behalf negotiations on employment contract terms and conditions, including the remuneration package, accommodations, starting date and other particulars.

条件の合意がなされ採用の最終決定の時点で求職者、求人者双方で採用開始日、給料、福利等の内容確認をして頂き承諾書(Acceptance Letter)を交わして頂きます。


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